As a group of college students at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University, this is our act against the Partial Birth- Abortion procedure which ends any possibilities that would have existed had the baby not been aborted. Our goal is to inform our community about Partial Birth- Abortions and give them an insight on its wrongfulness. We believe that there are alternatives for late term pregnancies.   

For most people, the Partial Birth Abortion procedure is considered graphic. It takes place during the final trimester of conception up until the ninth month. At this stage the baby is indeed a “baby”, a life, no longer an embryo or fetus. The abortionist grabs the baby’s leg with forceps once the cervix of the woman has dilated. Delivering the baby’s body, the abortionist proceeds to pull the baby through the birth canal feet first, all but the baby’s head. The abortionist then injects a sharp object into the back of the baby’s head removing it from the rest of the body. A vacuum tube is also inserted into the baby’s head to remove the brains, the baby’s head then collapses, and the aborted baby is delivered lifeless...       

We performed The Red Envelope Project which was designed to ban all acts of abortion. To go about this you must mail a red envelope to the white house and on the back of the envelope write this message:

This envelope represents one child who died in abortion. It is empty because that life was unable to offer anything to the world. Responsibility begins with conception.

In this project we ended up raising $5.83 and this got us 58 envelopes that we colored red and mailed off.